This is the 2017-2018 edition of the DayStar Sunday School Teacher's Commentary. One of a kind, it utilizes the Unified Lesson Series of the National Concil of Churches of Christ in the United States to address some of today's critical issues from a Christian perspective. The DayStar is unique in that it treats Sunday school lessons particularly from an African American perspective. The private industry and conventional commentaries ignore the inclusion and significant participation of Africans and people of color in the history of the Christian church from its inception. Other Protestant oriented commentaries ignore the evils of racism and dehuminization of the Negro in the name of the Christian Faith, e, g, the African Slave Trade that was carried out under the banner of Christianity. Hence, some of the African American youth of generations following are opting out of the religion that brought our forebears out of American Slavery. Hence, the significance of the DayStar Commentary is that it is a gallant effort not only to explicate the theology of the Christian Faith for our contemporary times but to defend The Faith of Christianity for today and for times to come.