Dr. Amos Jones Jr.
Dr. Amos Jones, Jr., is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. He matriculated in the schools of Nashville, Tennessee and received his theological education at American Baptist College and Vanderbilt Divinity School, both of Nashville. He has a rich experience of having served 18 1/2 years asthe Director of Christian Education for the SundaySchool Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. While director of the Christian Education Department of the SundaySchool Publishing Board, he totally revised and up-dated the Christian educationprogram for the National Baptist Convention, USA., Inc., which entailed the certification ofthousands of instructorsand accrediting hundreds of Christian education schools in churches, state Dr._Amos_Jones_Jr..JPG

congresses, and the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education.He established the Christian Education Department's December Conference, a high level conference designed to enhance Christian educators' level of learning concerning the latest issues. The conference continues to this day. As director of the Christian Education Department of the Sunday School Publishing Board, NBC, USA., Inc., helaunched a massive missionary and Christian education program that reached from St. Thomas, the US Virgin Islands to the islands of St. John, St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucie, and Port of Spain, Trinidad.This ministry continues and many churches have been established and built by participating U S National Baptist churches. Previously, he served the Tennessee Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention as its president of the Congress of Christian Education and president of the Tennessee Baptist Pastor's Conference. He served as past Moderator of the Stones River District Association. As moderator, he led the Association to contribute $10,000.00 to the constructon of the Baptist World Center in Nashville, Tennessee. His pastoral experience has been with Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Hendersonville, Tennessee and Westwood Baptist Church, University Center of Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, he serves as founder and pastorof Zion Hill-First African Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. For the past 19 years, he has served as president of the National Association of Christian Educators and president andCEO of Bethlehem Book Publishers, Inc., of Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Jones is an author, having written and published numerous books. He is a publisher and editor, having published and authored many books for persons wishing to have their story told. He is a world traveller, having led fourteen trips to date to the Holy Land of Israel and four trips to date to themotherland of Egypt. He is president of the National Association of Christian Educators that sponsors Christian education and missionary ventures to Jamaica. NACE currently is completing construction of the Dr. Alfred DeWayne Hill Administration Building at Keith, St. Ann, Jamaica.

Anyone wishing to contact Dr. Jones can do so by writing P. O. Box 293240, Nashville, TN 37229, or emailing him at bethlehembooks@hughes.net, or phoning him at 615-944-3866 or 876-531-9144.