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2021-2022 Daystar Sunday School Teachers Commentary


The DayStar Sunday School Teacher’s Commentary is one of a kind. It makes Sunday school lessons real and relevant for the African American church situation. Dr. Jones interprets Biblical passages in light of Africans who were an integral part of the Christian story. It is without question that the writer of the First Gospel of the New Testament, John Mark, was an African, from Pentopolis, Cyrene, a part of the African nation of Libya. The scholar that he is, Dr. Jones argues that other writers of New Testament books were African as well. It is highly likely that the writers of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke were Africans
– Simeon the Niger and Lukius of Cyrene (Acts 13:1). Paul is referred to as an Egyptian (Acts 21:38 and Jesus was surely a Black man, according to The Revelation to John 1:14-15. Surely, the Christian Faith is the religion of Black people. Other publishers will not say this to you. What is more, they will not interpret the Gospel and the Good News of the Bible to address the condition of
African Americans. Your DayStar does this for you.


Bethlehem Book Publishers, Inc Nashville, TN
DayStar Sunday School Teachers Commentary
International Sunday School Lesson A.D. 2020-2022 September – August
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2021 – 2022 Edition
The DayStar Sunday School Teacher’s Commentary

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